More than 50 percent extensiveness of IRAN is consist of high mountains and 20 percent is desert . Alborz and Zagross are the most elevated mountain range and loot and Namak are the most extensive deserts in IRAN . We service to the interesteds of nature in these regions.

Our company is active in 2 portion

•  Presentation the specialized services at every season for every activity in nature.
Particularly for : hiking on foot of mountains and deserts, mountaineering and ski mountaineering.

•  Holding instructional courses in the fields of mountaineering, rock and alpine climbing ,Skiing and ski mountaineering .


Policy of company

First principle in successful management is the constancy at promotion of quality. Aims and the methods of management are the factors that will isolate the companies at long - term. programming and transforming are the first step of active management It is very important that before transformations can manage us , we can manage them .
In this direction we not only the best and most experienced present experts of our country for giving service but also we try to promote as desirable world level in our work horizons. B ecause differences between successful organization and ordinary organization is gradual improvement. On this way criticisms, opinions and purposes of customers will help us and trying to make them satisfied is our important objective.

Introducing managers of company

Sepideh Javadian
Managing director and planning manager

She is industrial engineer with more than 10 years experience for planning and controlling the great international projects.
And experienced for designing information systems and management. Also she has 12 years precedent for mountaineering , rock climbing and ski mountaineering and 5 years precedent for managing the mountaineering groups.

Also she has passed the avalanche course (UIAA/ISMC) .

Farshad khalili
Manager of instruction and designing tours

He is an experienced instructor and guide who is membership of IRAN ski and mountaineering federations with great precedent in mountaineering , rock climbing , ice climbing , ski mountaineering and desert trekking . He was also the membership of IRAN national mountaineering team and national rock climbing team that has experience of climbing on PAKISTANI mountains such as (Raka pushi 7788m. - Spantic 7025m. ) and the Alps mountains.
He has guided more than 60 groups with several nationality to climbing on Damavand climax He has been instructed at Chamonix - ENSA mountaineering national school and also has passed the period of first aid and avalanche course (UIAA/ISMC) .

Majid Dorodgar
Supply manager and executant of tours

He is experienced instructor and guide from IRAN mountaineering federation with great experience in mountaineering, rock climbing, ski mountaineering, mountain bick and desert trekking. He also has a good recognizing of Alborz and Zagross range and IRAN nature.
He has guided a lot of groups to climbing on Damavand climax and has passed the period of first aid, altitude medicine and avalanche course (UIAA/ISMC) .