Basic mountaineering training course

The purpose of this course is acquaintance of trainees with the basics of mountaineering and going to foot of mountain, and passing from mountainous courses and defiles .


During the period trainees will be familiar with :

•  Methods of hiking on mountains and passing defiles
•  Residing in mountain
•  Installing tent
•  Feeding and cooking in mountain
•  Useful boots and clothes in mountain
•  Sleep bag and residing equipments

Course identifications

Suitable time: All the year
Place of disposed: Some mountains around Tehran
Course's code: TC03
Duration: 3 days
Daily activity time: 7 hours

Necessary equipment

•  Trekking boot
•  Suitable clothes (depends on season)
•  Backpack
•  Flask
•  Sun glass
•  Cap
•  Poles
•  Sun cream
•  Personal equipments