Rock climbing training course

The purpose of this course is acquaintance of trainees with basics of climbing and passing the passages and simple short route courses in mountain . Also passages and courses that for climbing on them, rock climbing equipments and skill are needed .

During the period trainees will be familiar with:

•  Rock climbing equipments
•  Knots
•  Principles of rock climbing
•  Hand and foot practices
•  Top rope ascension
•  Rappelling
•  Belaying
•  Anchor
•  Rating of climbs

Course identifications

Suitable time: From beginning of May to end of November
Place of disposed: Mountains around Tehran
Course's code: TC04
Duration: 4 days
Daily activity time: 7 hours

Necessary equipment

•  Trekking boot
•  Rock shoe
•  Suitable clothes (depends to season)
•  Backpack
•  Flask
•  Sun glasses
•  Cap
•  Harness
•  Helmet
•  Carabineers
•  Rope
•  Figure of eight
•  Personal equipments