Ski training course

The purpose of this class is acquaintance of trainees with the basics of free style skiing on pistes. During the period , trainees will be familiar with :

•  Ski equipments and clothes
•  Laws and principles of pistes
•  Step around
•  Side - step
•  Herring bone
•  Schuss
•  Traverse
•  Snow - plough
•  Snow - plough turn
•  Kick turn
•  Side - slip

Course identifications

Suitable time: From end of December to beginning of April
Place of disposed: Ski pistes around Tehran
Course's code: TC01
Duration: 7 days
Daily activity time: 6 hours

Necessary equipments

•  Warm hat
•  Warm glove and clothes
•  Ski tools (can be rent)
•  Sun cream
•  Goggles
•  Personal equipments