Ski mountaineering training course

The purpose of this course is acquaintance of trainees with the basics of ski mountaineering . After learning the techniques of free style skiing you can start ski mountaineering . By learning this course and doing practice you can ascents and descents mountains by skiing . Skiing in virgin regions on fresh snows will be very enjoyable .


During the period trainees will be familiar with :

•  Ski mountaineering equipment
•  Ascending methods on various gradients
•  Avalanche and the method of using probe
•  Rescue beacon and shovel usage
•  Choosing the trail on mountain
•  Ascending by ski

Course identifications

Suitable time: From end of December to beginning of April
Place of disposed: Ski pistes and some mountains around Tehran
Course's code: TC02
Duration: 5 days
Daily activity time: 6 hours

Necessary equipments

•  Warm hat
•  Warm glove and clothes
•  Anorak
•  Ski with touring bindings
•  Skins and ski crampons
•  Ski mountaineering boot
•  Rescue beacon
•  Probe
•  Shovel
•  Backpack
•  Flask
•  Goggles
•  Sun cream
•  Personal equipments