Rock climbing in

Band_e_Yakhchal zone with 2 Hours distance from Tehran is a good zone to rock climbing. Here the kind of stones are Tuffisite in this zone various climbings are possible: Bouldering , long route, simple route for beginners and the complex route like 5.13.a (IX) . Band_e_Yakhchal rock climbing zone is located between 2200 -2700m altitude and it 's wall has 200m altitude.

Some short route have bolts but for climbing on the wall you must be equipped . Using of tent, shelter and hotel in this zone is possible. Duration of program will be appointed by your request and interest.

Tour identifications

Title: Rock climbing in Band_e_Yakhchal
Code: RA03
Duration: As your request
Suitable time: From April to December
Maximum altitude: 2700m
Difficulty level: 2